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What is aggressive driving?

New York has a reputation for being home to aggressive drivers, especially in large cities. Aggressive driving behaviors may dramatically increase the chances of an accident. Even a single aggressive driver on a crowded road or highway may reduce the safety of all other people in the area. Recognizing the signs of aggression is an essential aspect of driving safely and protecting yourself when you are behind the wheel.

Using more tech to fix distractions by tech is a dangerous cycle

Distracted driving in New York is nothing new. Long before there were smart phones, people became distracted by radio, the AC, food and maps. However, technology has certainly made the problem much worse. Could the answer to this problem be even more tech?

Anxiety following a motor vehicle collision

While many people realize the physical consequences of traffic crashes, such as broken bones and head injuries, the emotional toll can be extremely difficult as well. To make things worse, the mental hardships that victims may have to face can be difficult to detect and others may be unaware of the challenges that a car accident victim is struggling with. Some people become depressed after a crash and others may develop an anxiety disorder. Sadly, high levels of stress can prevent victims from fully recovering and may interfere with their lives in all sorts of ways.

Taking a look at single-vehicle accidents

When people envision a motor vehicle accident, they likely think of two vehicles colliding on the road. Although many accidents do involve two vehicles, some may involve several vehicles and others may only involve one vehicle. For example, a driver may lose control after going over a patch of ice, veering off of the road and slamming into a tree. Single-vehicle accidents can deadly and there are many factors to consider when it comes to these crashes. In some cases, the accident may be a result of someone else’s negligence, necessitating legal action.

Fog, visibility and car crashes

There are a variety of hazards to be mindful of while driving, such as traffic congestion and potentially dangerous parts of the road. However, weather, especially fog, can be incredibly dangerous. Fog can lead to a motor vehicle crash because of poor visibility and there are many drivers who do not show extra caution when driving while it is foggy, thus putting lives at risk. In some parts of the country, and during certain times of the year, fog is especially prevalent, and it is always important to be careful when driving during these conditions.

The dangers of distracted driving

Motor vehicle wrecks may happen because a reckless driver is under the influence of alcohol or because they are inebriated for some other reason, such as consuming too much prescription medication or taking illegal street drugs. There are certainly many more reasons why motor vehicle accidents happen on a daily basis in New York, and distracted driving has become especially problematic thanks to smartphones. Aside from smartphones, there are all sorts of other reasons for distracted driving, including the consumption of food or beverages, reading a map, communicating with other people in the car or paying attention to something outside of the vehicle (such as an attraction or popular event). 

Icy roads and reckless drivers

On the road, you face many different hazards. Sadly, there are far too many negligent drivers who get behind the wheel and place other lives in danger. From using drugs or alcohol while behind the wheel to ignoring traffic signs and going over the speed limit, irresponsible driving takes on many forms. Worse, these behaviors can be even more dangerous during poor weather conditions, such as times when ice is on the road. In New York, weather conditions can deteriorate quickly, especially during the winter. Sadly, some drivers ignore these risks and continue to act recklessly on the road.

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