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Business owners must take steps to prevents slips and falls

Slipping on an icy sidewalk or falling due to tripping on an uneven floorboard can lead to a number of injuries. Business owners in New York have a legal responsibility to make sure their properties are free from hazards that can cause slips and falls, and there are different things they can do to prevent them.

According to Risk Management Magazine, the most common causes of slips and falls are wet walkways, weather hazards, unanchored rugs and floor surfaces that are in poor condition. Business owners should conduct regular inspections of the interior and exterior to ensure there are no hazards, especially in high traffic areas. The entrance is a highly used area, and there should be proper mats and cleanup methods to manage snow, rain and mud. Placing a floor mat with a walk-off area of eight to 10 feet is ideal. Other high-hazard areas to check regularly include:

  • Area around drinking fountains
  • Floor space around equipment that processes liquids
  • Stairwells
  • Walkways 

Things to check for during these inspections include wet spots, poor lighting, debris, tripping hazards and dust.

Along with conducting regular inspections, News Blaze recommends investing in good maintenance. Any issue, such as a loose handrail, cracked sidewalk, potholes, ice, snow, loose stair treads or floor height change, should get immediate attention. In the meantime, proper signage warning of the hazard is imperative.

In order to prevent lawsuits due to any potential fall or slip, all business owners should carry liability insurance. This type of coverage helps to pay for an attorney as well as for damages to the injured party.



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