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It is time to consider alternatives to nursing homes

When the elderly can no longer care for themselves in New York, their children or younger siblings may place them in nursing homes. Ideally, this helps to ensure the elderly receive the care and medical attention they need. Too often does the opposite prove true. Over the past few years, CNN published numerous articles and reports regarding the dismal state of nursing homes in America.

One CNN article published in 2018 calls attention to nursing homes that overmedicate residents with dementia by using antipsychotic meds. The news agency estimates that 179,000 people living in nursing homes on U.S. soil receive antipsychotic meds every week. Note that the FDA does not approve the use of these medications for dementia. In fact, it may cause low blood pressure, high blood sugar, nervous system problems and doubles the risk of death.

Business Insider also speaks out against nursing homes, pointing out that one in three people die within a year of being admitted at these facilities. They also pointed to the fact that what elderly people suffered in these places ranged from boredom and depression to neglect and abuse. Yet, people spend dearly for this luxury. The last year of a person’s life accounts for 25% of all Medicare spending.

New facilities have now sprung up providing better care. In these facilities, caregivers cater to a smaller group of elderly people and help to ensure they receive more personalized care based on their individual needs and priorities. These facilities also focus on providing hospice to improve the quality of an elderly person’s life, more so than traditional nursing homes.

One option not mentioned in either article is the Granny Flat. Due to the high cost of real estate in New York, this option may not be available to everyone. However, for those who can afford it, there has been a growing trend to keep family closer to home in multi-generational households where grandparents, parents and adult children share one property with individual living spaces. Finally, children may also consider assisted living services so elderly people may remain in their own homes for a longer period of time.

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