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What causes an elderly person to wander?

Older people who suffer from Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia may inexplicitly start wandering about. Their journey could take them anywhere through a home, a building or somewhere outside, which can be very dangerous particularly if they are infirm and unaware of where they truly are. If you have a senior relative who resides in a Bronx nursing home, it is important to know if your loved one has a problem wandering.

Although outside observers may think an elderly person wanders for no reason, as points out, there are actually many reasons an older person may wander. Sometimes a wandering senior has a specific purpose, such as finding a particular person to talk to about a matter, but then the senior gets lost or forgets what he or she was doing. Conversely, a senior may just be bored and is looking for something to do.

People in the throes of dementia may not understand where they are, so if they reside in a nursing home but think they should be home or elsewhere, they could get up and explore their surroundings to make sense of them. At times, a loud sound or a puzzling situation may be the catalyst for a senior to start walking around looking for relief. In other cases, dementia patients may try to resume old habits or routines, like setting out to go to their old job or run familiar errands.

Issues such as these are a major concern if your senior needs the care of an assisted living facility. If your relative wanders, you need to know that the staff of a nursing home can monitor and keep its residents from leaving unsupervised or keep them out of dangerous situations while in the home. Some people will have to find a special place that can handle the needs of their loved one.

Because nursing home issues in New York can take many different forms, you should not interpret this article as legal advice. Read it only for your educational benefit.

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