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March 2019 Archives

Anxiety following a motor vehicle collision

While many people realize the physical consequences of traffic crashes, such as broken bones and head injuries, the emotional toll can be extremely difficult as well. To make things worse, the mental hardships that victims may have to face can be difficult to detect and others may be unaware of the challenges that a car accident victim is struggling with. Some people become depressed after a crash and others may develop an anxiety disorder. Sadly, high levels of stress can prevent victims from fully recovering and may interfere with their lives in all sorts of ways.

How can I avoid being in a car crash with a semitrailer?

Crashes involving semitrailers can be devastating. They can destroy property and cause life-altering injuries or death. Because of the significant size and weight differences between semitrailers and passenger vehicles, most of the deaths in large truck crashes occur to occupants of passenger vehicles. Although truck drivers have strict rules to follow to help keep motorists safe, safety is a responsibility everyone on the road must share.

How you can prevent dog bites

Dogs can be a joy to their owners and others, but when put in certain uncomfortable situations, some dogs react by barking or even biting. If you live in New York, it is a good idea to know which breeds are more likely to bite and what things you can do to prevent getting bit.

What is a false arrest?

Because law enforcement possesses the power to place individuals under arrest, as citizens, we expect that the police should follow lawful procedures when they take someone into custody. Sometimes this might not be the case. In some instances, a person might be arrested when in reality it was not legally proper to arrest that individual in the first place. When this happens, a person has been the victim of a false arrest. In certain circumstances, a New York police officer may have taken someone into custody unlawfully.

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