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January 2019 Archives

Fatigue at work and traffic collisions

The workplace can be dangerous for countless reasons, from positions that involve the use of a certain type of machinery, heights and hazardous chemicals. It is important for those employed in many industries to be aware of the risk of a traffic collision. Not only do some workers pass away or suffer major injuries while they are driving to or from their place of work, but many are hurt on the job as well. Moreover, fatigue that is caused by overexertion at work or difficulty adjusting to a new schedule is responsible for many of these crashes.

Fog, visibility and car crashes

There are a variety of hazards to be mindful of while driving, such as traffic congestion and potentially dangerous parts of the road. However, weather, especially fog, can be incredibly dangerous. Fog can lead to a motor vehicle crash because of poor visibility and there are many drivers who do not show extra caution when driving while it is foggy, thus putting lives at risk. In some parts of the country, and during certain times of the year, fog is especially prevalent, and it is always important to be careful when driving during these conditions.

“Fatal four” construction accidents

The construction industry is a dangerous one for workers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), injuries at construction sites account for 21 percent of all workplace injuries in the United States–that’s one in five.

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