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December 2018 Archives

The dangers of distracted driving

Motor vehicle wrecks may happen because a reckless driver is under the influence of alcohol or because they are inebriated for some other reason, such as consuming too much prescription medication or taking illegal street drugs. There are certainly many more reasons why motor vehicle accidents happen on a daily basis in New York, and distracted driving has become especially problematic thanks to smartphones. Aside from smartphones, there are all sorts of other reasons for distracted driving, including the consumption of food or beverages, reading a map, communicating with other people in the car or paying attention to something outside of the vehicle (such as an attraction or popular event). 

How can I find a good nursing home for my aging parent?

It can be hard to watch parents grow older. At some point you may need to look for a Bronx nursing home, which can provide a safe, structured environment for seniors. If you have concerns about finding a good nursing home for your loved one, AARP offers the following tips.

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