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Tips for staying safe when walking in ice and snow

Winter weather in New York can bring with it a variety of hazards that can quickly become dangerous, especially if you are unprepared for the elements. Even though snow is beautiful, it can also create treacherous conditions that you must carefully navigate in order to stay safe and healthy. At Belovin Franzblau & Associates, P.C., we are committed to helping people deal with the aftermath of winter accidents. 

Whether you are walking in front of your home while you are shoveling snow or are walking across the icy parking lot at work, refreshing your memory with some important safety practices is valuable in protecting your well-being. At the start of each winter season, look at the shoes that you have and if you need to replace your boots, do so before the first winter storm hits. A sturdy pair of waterproof shoes with good tread are an invaluable part of your winter wardrobe. If you have to walk to school or work each day, it is not a bad idea to wear your designated winter shoes and replace them with your dress or street shoes once you arrive at your destination. 

Taking a look at single-vehicle accidents

When people envision a motor vehicle accident, they likely think of two vehicles colliding on the road. Although many accidents do involve two vehicles, some may involve several vehicles and others may only involve one vehicle. For example, a driver may lose control after going over a patch of ice, veering off of the road and slamming into a tree. Single-vehicle accidents can deadly and there are many factors to consider when it comes to these crashes. In some cases, the accident may be a result of someone else’s negligence, necessitating legal action.

A single-vehicle crash may be caused by someone else’s carelessness in all sorts of ways. For example, a distracted driver may cross over the center line, causing a responsible driver to swerve off of the road in an attempt to avoid the distracted driver. Bad signage is another reason why some of these accidents occur, and in some areas, the roads can be especially dangerous, and cities should have taken steps to address safety concerns. Or, someone may be driving and a passenger in the car may intentionally interfere with their ability to drive properly.

Fatigue at work and traffic collisions

The workplace can be dangerous for countless reasons, from positions that involve the use of a certain type of machinery, heights and hazardous chemicals. It is important for those employed in many industries to be aware of the risk of a traffic collision. Not only do some workers pass away or suffer major injuries while they are driving to or from their place of work, but many are hurt on the job as well. Moreover, fatigue that is caused by overexertion at work or difficulty adjusting to a new schedule is responsible for many of these crashes.

Workers become fatigued for countless reasons. Some may be exhausted because they had a particularly hard day that involved a lot of physically demanding work, while others may have worked for too many hours. Some workers may not even realize that they are suffering from job-related fatigue and that their ability to drive safely has been adversely affected by their condition. Unfortunately, this can result in a motor vehicle collision, such as a crash that takes place during one’s workday. Those employed in certain fields may face a particularly high likelihood of being involved in a work-related traffic collision, such as taxi drivers, delivery truck drivers and other large truck drivers.

Fog, visibility and car crashes

There are a variety of hazards to be mindful of while driving, such as traffic congestion and potentially dangerous parts of the road. However, weather, especially fog, can be incredibly dangerous. Fog can lead to a motor vehicle crash because of poor visibility and there are many drivers who do not show extra caution when driving while it is foggy, thus putting lives at risk. In some parts of the country, and during certain times of the year, fog is especially prevalent, and it is always important to be careful when driving during these conditions.

There are a number of ways in which fog can make a traffic collision more probable. For example, a driver may be unable to see the road well, causing them to collide with another vehicle, cross over the center line or veer off of the road and hit a tree. A driver may also have trouble seeing cars in front of them, causing them to rear-end another vehicle because they did not see it coming.

“Fatal four” construction accidents

The construction industry is a dangerous one for workers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), injuries at construction sites account for 21 percent of all workplace injuries in the United States–that’s one in five.

This high rate makes construction one of the highest risk occupations in the country, claiming 630+ lives every year.

The dangers of distracted driving

Motor vehicle wrecks may happen because a reckless driver is under the influence of alcohol or because they are inebriated for some other reason, such as consuming too much prescription medication or taking illegal street drugs. There are certainly many more reasons why motor vehicle accidents happen on a daily basis in New York, and distracted driving has become especially problematic thanks to smartphones. Aside from smartphones, there are all sorts of other reasons for distracted driving, including the consumption of food or beverages, reading a map, communicating with other people in the car or paying attention to something outside of the vehicle (such as an attraction or popular event). 

Whenever a driver becomes distracted and takes their eyes or mental focus from the road, they pose a risk to themselves and to everyone else they come across while driving. Sadly, they may cause an accident because they are not able to react to something in time or because they veer into another lane or off the road altogether. In some instances, people can walk away from a distracted driving accident unscathed, but these crashes can also leave people with serious injuries and even claim the lives of innocent people who pass away too soon.

How can I find a good nursing home for my aging parent?

It can be hard to watch parents grow older. At some point you may need to look for a Bronx nursing home, which can provide a safe, structured environment for seniors. If you have concerns about finding a good nursing home for your loved one, AARP offers the following tips.

The best way to determine the overall quality of a nursing home is to pay a preliminary visit. While there, pay attention to the types of activities offered to residents. Socialization is a vital aspect of a happy life. When seniors are isolated, they often experience poor physical and mental health. Accordingly, residents left in their rooms all day with only a television to keep them company is a bad sign.

Icy roads and reckless drivers

On the road, you face many different hazards. Sadly, there are far too many negligent drivers who get behind the wheel and place other lives in danger. From using drugs or alcohol while behind the wheel to ignoring traffic signs and going over the speed limit, irresponsible driving takes on many forms. Worse, these behaviors can be even more dangerous during poor weather conditions, such as times when ice is on the road. In New York, weather conditions can deteriorate quickly, especially during the winter. Sadly, some drivers ignore these risks and continue to act recklessly on the road.

Whether someone is speeding because they are late for work or because they simply want to drive fast, this can be extremely dangerous when roads are covered in ice. While going around a sharp turn, a driver may lose control of their vehicle and slam into another car. Moreover, black ice can result in a crash even when road conditions do not seem to be concerning. Sadly, these reckless drivers have caused many fatal accidents and they have also caused collisions which have sent victims to the hospital with devastating injuries.

Work injury rates have been trending steadily down in the U.S.

As has been the general trend lately, the U.S. saw a drop in workplace injuries/illnesses last year. This is what recent federal data points to.

The data is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to these statistics, in 2017, the nation’s nonfatal workplace injury and illness rate for the private sector was 2.8 cases for every 100 full-time workers. In comparison, the rate was 2.9 cases per 100 workers in 2016.

Watch for signs of elder abuse and neglect

As loved ones age and need additional support, it can be difficult to trust that their safety is a top priority for those entrusted to provide care. Their safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance, which may mean you need to take on the responsibility of watching for potential signs of mistreatment.

Nursing homes are common locations of elder abuse and mistreatment. The prevalence of elder abuse is difficult to measure as many victims struggle to report instances of abuse for a variety of reasons. Because some victims may feel intimidated or otherwise unable to discuss their abusive situations, observant and cautious loved ones may be a key line of defense for those in danger.

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